When restoring instruments, I proceed with responsibility, skill and sensitivity to ensure that the instrument does not suffer and that the original character of an instrument is preserved and made fit for modern demands.

Bow Rehairing

A high-quality of hair is crucial for a good playing and sound experience. From working with different bow makers, I learned the handling of first-class materials and the decisive handles for a perfect rehair.


Any damage to the instrument will be expertly repaired by me. I will gladly take over the cost settlement with your insurance company

New Making

A main focus of my work is the new construction of string instruments according to historical Italian models.

Sound Adjustment

As a practicing musician, I love to elicit new nuances from my viola again and again. I will adjust your instrument according to your individual sound preferences because you will be recognized by your timbres.



You will receive personally selected instruments on loan from me. Try them out without obligation and in peace and quiet.

Travel Documents

To avoid problems with customs (‘CITES regulations’), I will issue a ‘declaration of materials’.


Have you had a spring clean? I am always interested in buying old instruments (in any condition). 

Pickup and Delivery Service

I am available to pick up your instrument from you and return it to you, no matter whether you are at home, university or a venue.

Acoustic Rooms

The acoustically-adjusted workshop rooms with high ceilings and carpet flooring are ideal for playing bows and instruments so you can hear how the instrument sounds without distortion.


Good and comprehensive advice is my top priority. I will Good and comprehensive advice is my top priority. I will gladly take the time to provide you with expert information in all matters.

Price Advantage 

Strings and other utensils are available at my shop at affordable price.

24h Emergency Call 

Any damage to an instrument during the night or on the weekend shortly before an important appointment? In an emergency I am available at unusual times of the day.